Data Professional Strategy Awakening Cohort

The DATA PRO'S STRATEGY AWAKENING for Data Professionals that have confidence in their technical abilities, but lack confidence in their impact of their work due and lack a way to align their work to strategic outcomes.

For you IF: you know you're a data badass, but aren't sure the contribution you makes is.

The Data Pro's Strategy Awakening is an exclusive cohort that transforms data professional's confidence in the impact of their work. 

🎯 It's for serious data professionals who can acknowledge they have insecurities about the impact of their work, but seek to remedy that. Together those involved awaken to discover what generates true, lasting impact: alignment with strategy.  Thus participants embrace their lack strategic acumen, take ownership of their strategic awakening and chart their course to maximum impact once equipped by way of their learnings.

🔥 For context: this isn't a crisis, it's an opportunity. There's a reason why so many data professionals lack confidence in the impact of their work. It's due to the understandable default focus on technical skills, training and data accuracy/quality. The result: misalignment, a lack of job satisfaction, frustration or under appreciation. Together we'll fix this! Each person involved will come away with their technical competence aligned to strategy.

☀️ Come wake up to new strategic awareness. Bringing together the qualitative parts of business acumen with your already well refined and established technical excellence.

Join the Data Pro's Strategy Awakening

Consider if your first step to waking up your inner data leader!