Leader's Strategy By Numbers Cohort

1)The LEADER'S STRATEGY BY NUMBERS cohort is for Executives in the Mid-Market who desire to hone their strategies & connect their strategic outcomes to the right data to chart a path to breakthrough growth & organizational health.

For you IF: you don't need "leadership pep talks," you need a long term, data informed, game changer.

The Leader's Strategy By Numbers is an exclusive opportunity to commit to a three month journey with other Mid-Market Executives to unlock strategic thinking, strategy implementation and data alignment across each leader's organization. 

The time spent together will be unlike other CEO peer groups or coaching as it will keenly focus on two questions for each leader involved: What is your strategy? & How do you know if it succeeds? These questions may seem obvious and most leaders likely claim to have ready made answers to them.  However DLG's facilitation helps each leader in the cohort achieve new levels of excellence. 

By focusing on best practices and frameworks, run-rate+innovation parallel processes and a keen awareness of where data and strategy intersect (and where they don't)

The objective is to better navigate the tension between:

💪🏼 "continuous performance" aka the standard quarterly performance management that measurable, planned to and table stakes for the competent CEO/executive

🧭 and "innovation and competition" i.e. disruptive opportunities that can NOT be measured in advance, but can be front run by strategic choices and commitments to navigate complexity.

This "Strategy + Data" approach is the key combination that next generation mid-market companies leverage to thrive. Those who choose not to will  merely survive and by decade's end will likely be extinct.

Join Leader's Strategy By Numbers cohort today to gain perspective 

and take action so your company thrives, not just survives.