By an epic tree near his 10 acre forest in Cle Elum, WA

Data Leaders Group is the next iteration of Founder Luke Hartsock's contribution to how help people use data to realize better outcomes.

Previous to this Luke founded & was the CEO of notable PNW Tech-enabled services firm Decisive Data for over 15 years.

Of all the things that have come along with Luke's pursuits, what activated his combination of talent, skills, calling and expertise the most was helping other business leaders be strategic & data fluent.

From creating solutions that unlocked the billions of dollars of channel sales revenue to upgrading an organization's integrated data to expand their health efficacy at scale: Luke formed Data Leaders Group to bring those "Strategy+Data" paradigms to the mid-market.

Why cohorts & fractional CDO advisory?

Being a Fractional Chief Data Officer is a short hand way of explaining that engagements on a "project based level" don't allow for the opportunity for transformational change that DLG is capable of providing.

Partnering with Mid-Market executives comes from the passion + experiences of founding, leading & building businesses as a CEO & Board Chair for 15 years.  Combining data expertise as an enterprise data analytics solution architect & certified 'Data Strategist' with long term real world business leadership experience is what animates Fractional CDO engagements.

Cohorts of data professionals: Based on years of honing the experiences of interviewing, hiring, leading, managing and journeying with 100s of data professionals over the years, DLG wants to offer fresh perspective and pay those learnings forward.