Fractional CDO Advisory

Many leaders assume their strategy is being implemented, most believe their organizations are data driven.

DLG turns those assumptions into assurances & those beliefs into transformational convictions!

Why Fractional CDO Advisory?

Data Leaders Group's decades of experience in strategy+data was hardened in high intensity enterprise contexts: from the Fortune 2000 all the way up to multiple Fortune 10 companies.

Those massive organizations can invest more time to getting strategy aligned & have the budgets to leverage data assets with cutting edge technology. In many cases this skews their results: often towards more durable long term data driven success. As some say the rich get richer, the dominant dominate.

DLG wants to bring the background & success of those enterprise experiences to the Mid-Market. 

That's where a Fractional Chief Data Officer comes in.

Fractional CDO's Unlock The Value of Your Data Assets

DLG’s Fractional CDO partners with Mid-market Execs in an augmented leadership role to increase the whole leadership team's data fluency.

Together with the Fractional CDO leaders are empowered to clarify & expand their strategy.

Through strategy & data alignment the right data assets inform, drive & deliver breakthrough growth and focused innovation.

Three Ways Fractional CDO Advisory Shows Up:

1. Clarity &Foresight: By offering strategic guidance and expertise in data-driven decision making, DLG helps leaders expand their perspective from the often insistent focus on short-term data and metrics to an extended view of strategic outcomes that tend to be measured in 18-36 months increments.

2. Executive Competence: DLG serves as a strategic partner for executives, helping them bridge the gap between their current data capabilities and the strategic competence needed to drive long-term success. This involves guidance in adopting cutting edge data technologies and insights and coaching executives on how to use them for strategic decision making.

3. Empowerment and Leadership: By working closely with organizational leaders and their teams, the Fractional CDO helps to shift the focus from data awareness to strategic competence. This empowers better leverage of data assets to achieve strategic goals and objectives: ultimately leading to increased profitability, efficiency, and competitiveness.

If this sounds compelling then please book a Zoom meeting below using DLG's Calendly & invite any appropriate colleagues to have an initial discussion: 

Three excellent 1 min videos curated from a recent HBR video on strategy.

From one of the most relevant strategists: Roger L. Martin

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